Terms of Use

General terms and conditions
for the rental of the apartments Pfänder / Säntis / Höchsten by Gabi Maier
 (hereinafter referred to as "Host")

The following regulations apply as a matter of principle upon conclusion of the contract for the holiday apartment specified in the booking confirmation. The general terms and conditions are available on the Internet at www.bodensee-ferienwohnung-fn.de or can also be sent by post / mail / fax on request. Details and the complete equipment correspond to the information on the website: www.bodensee-ferienwohnung-fn.de

1. Conclusion of contract (rental contract)
 With the binding booking of a holiday apartment through the Host, which can be done via the Internet, but also in writing or by telephone, a corresponding contract is concluded, which becomes effective when all required information is available and the written confirmation of the booking has been made by the landlord. The contractual relationship is deemed to have been terminated if - as stated in Section 2 - the payment deadlines are not met.

2. Payment of the contract price
 The contracting parties expressly exclude payment of the rental / usage price by means of a crossed check.

3. Payment periods
 To confirm your reservation, the advance payment must be paid directly to 50% of the total price of the reservation, the remaining amount at least 14 days before arrival. If the reservation is made less than 14 days before arrival, the entire rental price must be transferred immediately. A deposit of EUR 350.00 is secured on arrival by credit card or deposited in cash. For some fair periods, the overnight prices may not be - or can only be canceled to a limited extent. In this case, you will be informed of this separately. There are also phases with a 4-week cancellation period or different minimum stays. We will provide the relevant bank details in good time to confirm the reservation. Please understand that we will release the apartment for rental again should no payment be received by the date stated in the confirmation. Until then, you can cancel free of charge or change your reservation. In this case, the corresponding portion will be transferred back to you.

4. Purchase of the rental property (arrival)
The lease begins on the day of arrival with the takeover of the apartment from 4 p.m. and ends on the last day, if nothing else has been agreed, at 11 a.m. Other times can be requested from the host if required.

5. Key
The tenant (s) must be given the keys to the rental property on the day of arrival after presenting the booking confirmation. If a key is lost, this must be reported immediately. The tenant is responsible for the cost of replacing the locking system. Terms and Conditions - Apartments Gabi Maier

6. Departure
On the day of departure, unless otherwise agreed, the apartment must be returned to the landlord or a person commissioned by him in a proper, cleaned condition (excluding final cleaning) by 11:00 a.m., in accordance with the agreed agreements and the provisions of the house rules. Doors and windows must be closed. All keys are to be handed over personally. The landlord or his representative has the right to carry out a detailed inspection and to carry out an acceptance procedure. Any defects and incompleteness will be regulated by the deposit.

7. People
The rental property is only made available to the contractually agreed persons as per booking. Subsequent changes require the host's permission. This applies in particular to overnight stays by additional people. In the event of violations, the landlord is entitled to expel the persons not listed in the booking from the apartment. Otherwise, violations can justify any claims for damages.

8. Pets, smoking
Pets are not allowed. This also applies to the visitors of the tenants. Smoking is generally not permitted inside the apartments or in the buildings.

9. Maintenance of the apartments
The tenant (s) undertake / treat the rented premises including inventory with care and to protect them from any damage. The tenant has to compensate for damage to the holiday apartment and on the residential property or shortages in the inventory, unless he can prove that he or the persons accompanying him are not at fault for causing the damage or the shortage . The lessee must immediately notify the lessor of any findings regarding the incompleteness of the inventory or existing or existing defects in the rental property, otherwise the lessor will have a replacement based on this